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How to find childcare with Colorado ShinesVideo

The PPRFCCA manages a referral tree for openings for children in the Colorado Springs area based on zip code. Call below

(719) 475-8828

Matching with a licensed provider can also happen quickly on this Facebook Group*

*NOT endorsed by PPRFCCA

How do you know you are in a licensed childcare home?

  • Providers display their license
  • They declare the home childcare’s occupancy
  • They can produce a current licensing inspection report

Licensing Records available via Colorado Shines

If care is happening in an unlicensed home or you are concerned about child abuse or neglect, call 1-800-799-5876.

Unlicensed care exists legally for up to 4 children and differs in the following ways



  • 15 hours yearly
  • Safe sleep, CPR/First Aid
  • Shaken baby precautions
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Mandatory Reporter


  • Strict allowance based on type of license


  • Rates vary with location, age, hours and needs

License Requirements

  • Correct zoning and business operation
  • Criminal background of those living in the home
  • Annual unannounced inspections
  • Monthly safety drills and Safe Sleep environments
  • and more



  • No mandated training


  • 4 children, including anyone under age 18 in the household


  • Often the same cost as licensed care

Licensing Requirements

  • None established

Learn more about resources for families on our Affiliates Page

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